Monday, January 29, 2007


Welcome to what I hope will become a regular sharing of my experiences in what has become an exciting, stressful, fulfilling, disappointing, emotional, and honorable profession.

I practice Criminal Law Defense in Travis and Williamson Counties in Texas. These counties encompass Austin and Georgetown, Texas. I am a solo practitioner with only the help of my part-time secretary, Courtney. My office is located in Round Rock, Texas, between Austin and Georgetown.

I practice exclusively Criminal Law Defense. I am currently on the judge-approved "A" appointment lists in both counties. What that means is that the judges in both counties have the confidence in my abilities to have the most serious crimes assigned to me from a rotating list of attorneys for those who can't afford a lawyer. I am not a "Public Defender" as that term is often used. However, by virtue of being on these lists, I am court-appointed and compensated by the county. These cases include murder, sexual assault, large-quantity drug cases, and other first-degree offenses.

My current caseload includes 3 murder cases, 4 sexual assault cases, and a variety of drug and burglary cases. I am also hired on a variety of cases as well, receiving cases through referrals and various advertising. I also practice Juvenile Law in both counties. I am on the "A" list in Juvenile appointments in Williamson County.

So why would I do such a thing for a living? That will be the constant purpose of this blog. This blog will educate you on realities of our justice system. Some of the realities will enrage you, make you laugh, make you cry, and distinguish between reality and the misperceptions created by shows like Law and Order, and CSI.

So sit back and gain some insight. I will never reveal privileged information or compromise the rights of my clients. But I will educate you to the challenges which face every practioner in this area. I hope you will visit often.

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