Friday, June 13, 2008

PRACTICE: Give me a Break

I'm off to Peru tomorrow for some rafting, horseback riding, and the like. What I have waiting for me will not be on my mind.

What do I have waiting for me? How about a possible one to two week manslaughter trial, Writ of Habeaus Corpus filing, Agg Sexual Assault Habitual trial, Injury to a Child (death) case, Agg Assault Habitual trial (caught on tape), Indecency with a Child, Client Competency Hearing, etc., etc...

I am looking forward to coming back to dive into each and every case. I learn something every time, and I feel myself getting more competent and knowlegeable every time there is a challenge. Of course, there are several lawyers with equally challenging cases and I applaud them for it. But for me, this year has been especially both challenging and rewarding.

The trip to Peru will be long overdue. But with the cases coming down the line with the year only half over, a breath of Andean air might be just what I need before the havoc and mayhem take over.

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