Thursday, July 24, 2008

CLIENTS: Jailhouse Lawyering Run Amok

Often I have found that one of the greatest obstacles to resolving cases is dispelling of the myths that permeate the correctional complex and prolong the negotiation process. On a regular basis, I have found myself doing extra counseling to those new to the system because of erroneous information circulating the jail. This information regularly casts doubt on the competence of the lawyer for no good reason.

Below I have outlined my new attachment to all newly appointed inmates at the correctional complex. I'm hoping this will clarify from the beginning to my clients who they should be listening to. I have left out the paragraph for each one that explains in more detail, but I think you get the message:

1. You are not automatically entitled to a 12:44(a);
2. Court-Appointed Lawyers are paid at a flat rate;
3. Calling your lawyer everyday is excessive and doesn't help your case;
4. The Felony process takes time;
5. Angry family members/friends do not help your case;
6. TDC has their own system of calculating your release;
7. Don't file your own motions;
8. If you don't have any money to make bond, don't ask your lawyer to file a bond reduction;
9. Don't expect your lawyer to visit you every week; and
10. If you have important information for your lawyer, send it by letter.

Of course every lawyer has had other distractions and myths that they have had to shatter. But these are but a few of the obstacles that take up alot of an attorney's time for no reason. We'll see if they work and maybe my time can be spent bit more productively.

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Anonymous said...

I think #1 and #7 are in conflict.

You see, you are not entitled to a 12.44(a)unless...

You File Your Own Motion For 12.44 !