Monday, December 8, 2008

TRIALS: The Trial Dogs of Travis County 2008

Yes, it is that time again. That time of Christmas cheer, holiday parties, and the annual Trial Dog Awards. What follows is the top six with a few Honorable Mentions. These are the fearless defense lawyers of our flock. They are the up-and-comers, the veterans, and the hopefuls. What they have in common is the urge to practice what is preached and to strive to advocate to the highest level. In no particular order, let's raise a toast:

Ray Espersen: Yes, Ray had an uncanny 12 felony jury trials before the halfway mark this year. Representing those charged with the most serious of sexual and violent crimes, Ray charged into court in both Travis and Williamson Counties. Armed with the charm, Ray once again proved his competence and endurance.

Tom Weber: Another repeater from last year, Tom plodded forward with a double-digit number of jury trials including murders, sexual crimes, and other violent crimes. While this year marked a year in which he was not involved with a physical altercation with any clients, he maintained his reputation as one of the toughest lawyers in Travis County. No small feat.

Jon Evans: Evans represented some of the most notorious defendants in Travis County. From death penalty defendants to the gammit of violent offenses, Jon tried numerous cases to juries. Our hats should be off to him.

Amanda McDaniel: With cases in Hays and Travis, Amanda will mix it up with anyone. She has no fear. She is a symbol of focus and determination. She has tried numerous cases this year and there is more to come. Good job.

Amber Bode: With the enthusiasm award all but assured, Amber has taken on some formidable opponents in the City of Austin, Williamson County D.A., Hays D.A. and anyone in between. With high-profile cases to her credit, next year will be assured as a leap in opportunity.

Jim Sawyer: Every list should have the best-dressed and most veteran defense lawyer. With some of the most notorious cases to his credit (this year-Laura Hall), Jim Sawyer represents what many of the criminal defense lawyers aspire to be: the right mix of suave, style, and abilities. The perfect mix.


Bill Hines
Todd Dudley
Adam Reposa
Tamara Needles
Linda Icenhauer-Ramirez

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What about all the newbies? I would like to see a Rookie Review and learn a little about the new faces.