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It's hard to declare whether a trial result is a "victory" or not. Different factors such as the pretrial offer, overall exposure to prison, and facts of the case usually dictate whether the effort in preparation and performance in trial paid off.  What follows are quick summaries of the trials, the result, and where it ranks on the victory meter.  Many thanks to all those who helped.

2015 was not quite as active as 2014, but it started with two trials and then I had a break until December.  2016 may yet set the record.  We'll see.

Williamson County 26th District Court
Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Serious Bodily Injury, Family Violence
State v Everton Roxroy Bailey
Length:  4 days
Penalty Range:  5-99 Years
Result:  Conviction 37 Years

The Defendant was convicted of pouring boiling water on his wife.  The pretrial offer was 40 years, then 30.  I was the third lawyer on the case.
Rank:  Moderate Victory by the Prosecution

Travis County 147th District Court
State v. George Delacruz
Length: 8 days
Penalty Range: 5-99 Years
Result:  Conviction Life

The Defendant was convicted of killing his wife.  There was no body of the wife ever found.  After 8 days of testimony the jury convicted.  There are several issues on appeal and the finality of the case will take some time.
Rank:  Temporary Victory by the Prosecution

Travis County County Court #4
Assault Family Violence Stranglation
State v. Romien Pierce
Length: 3 days
Penalty Range:  2-10 Years
Result:  Plea for Deferred Adjudication just prior to closing argument

The Defendant was accused of strangling his then girlfriend.  After various inconsistencies in the stories, the Defendant testifying, and some jury irregularities, the Defendant decided to accept the state's offer of Deferred.  He had been in jail more than a year.
Rank:  Moderate Victory by Defense

2016 is already shaping up to be the year of the trial (topping 2014 if you can believe that!).  I have 5 jury trials set from the first of February until mid April.  I have been preparing for all of them and I will be ready.  But I will also be ready for that vacation scheduled for this summer.

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