Monday, May 10, 2010


Every once and a while, I try to pass on some recognition of those lawyers who have earned a special place on our radar for their efforts. This time, I am recognizing various efforts for a variety of reasons:

Capital Cases-The most challenging of all cases.

Ira Davis
Ariel Payan
Jon Evans
Bill White
Leonard Martinez
Kent Anchutz
Karyl Krug
Tom Weber
Jim Erickson

Continuing Trial Dog Award (in addition to the above candidates)

Ray Espersen

Best Dressed Male Lawyers

Jim Sawyer
Novert Morales
Jorge Sanchez
Russ Sablatura
Clint Butler new (after considerable lobbying)
Chris Baugh new
Jeremy Sylestine
Todd Dudley
Caesar Rodriguez new
Adam Reposa
Marc Ranc new
Bristol Myers new

Best Dressed Female Lawyers

Yvonne Patton
Tamara Needles
Eloisa Ontiveros
Jana Ortega
Ashley Caldwell
Eve Schatelowitz-Alcantar
HONORABLE MENTION-Too many to list

Best Name for a Defense Lawyer

Lucio Del Toro
Rhett Braniff

Best Accent for a Prosecutor

Mark Pryor (like the Geico Gecko)


D.A. Confidential said...

The gecko has a lower class accent. Working class. You know, that stuff wot I don't do.

Amber said...

I can't believe I didn't make the trial dog list OR the best dressed this year! Aren't I still a trial dog to you Keith??? I guess I need to step up my clothing....